Sous vide at Rawsons Restaurant

If you’ve dined at Rawsons or read our menu you’ll have read the word sous vide. If you’re wondering exactly what this means here’s a tasty explanation from our Executive Chef, Nick Whitehouse.

How do you cook sous vide?

 Cooking sous vide is easier than its fancy pronunciation suggests! The protein is simply sealed in a plastic bag and place them in a water bath set that has been maintained at an optimum target temperature. The gentle temperature of the water bath cooks the produce evenly and when the time or temperature is met you remove it. Before serving the protein may be given a quick sear or other finish to finalise its cooking or presentation.

Why would you sous vide?

 If you compare sous vide to pan frying the reason to use this method is quite simple! Pan frying applies uneven heat which overcooks the outside and leaves the inside dry or undercooked. Comparatively, sous vide’s gentle process allows even heat and a slower, more controlled cooking process.

Sous vide is ideal for cooking meats and seafoods where the window of proper doneness is very miniscule. Precise and uniform temperature control brings two big advantages. Firstly, it allows a chef to cook food to an even doneness all the way through without dried edges or rare centres. Secondly, sous vide ensures consistent results, the steak emerges from the bag juicy and pink every time!

What proteins can be sous vide?

 Meat such as beef is cooked at 58c to achieve a perfect medium, quite pink normally with juice with a quick sear to perfection.

Fish is cooked at cooked at 52c to be perfect medium, wonderfully moist, flake able texture, consistent cooking from outside to inside.

What does sous vide taste like?

As a restaurant guest, a final and most important benefit of sous vide is that this cooking style produces delicious results! The sous vide proteins are noticeably juicier and more tender. Food cooked sous vide doesn’t brown so a simple quick sear at the end of the process adds that traditional flavour delivering the very best combination of technique, precision and flavour.