Exploring the Private Dining Rooms

Exploring the Private Dining Rooms at Epping’s Rawsons Restaurant

Dreaming of a private dining room in the local area? Need a special space for a group or celebration? Rawsons is your answer with professional staff, exceptional food and a stylish, intimate atmosphere.


There’s so many reasons that a private dining room can add to the occasion when you are eating out! Rawsons Restaurant located in The Epping Club boasts two different spaces to choose from with the PDR seating 14 and Chef’s Table seating 10.
Both spaces are beautifully appointed and offer a truly bespoke dining experience.

The PDR which is a fully private space with double glass doors boasts opulent fabrics in grey and cherry tones, a dark wood table, high backed upholstered chairs and dramatic light fittings. The Chef’s Table is a private space with a divisional wall made of light-capturing, green glass bottles. The raw wood table and rich magenta velvet chairs contrast with the rustic brick and Venetian glass mirror adorned feature walls for a unique and beautiful environment.

A Private Dining Room is perfect for a get together with friends

There need not be a special occasion to request the private dining room spaces at The Epping Club. Simply knowing you have a large group that would enjoy the benefits of their own space is enough reason to book them. A private room truly elevates your dining experience and is perfect for a group when the banter or laughter might get a little loud!

A Private Dining Room is intimate for a family celebration

If you’re bringing the family together it’s lovely to have the unique experience of a private dining room. A meal in a private space adds intimacy and that special touch of occasion more than your normal restaurant table. Attentive staff and the glamour of your own dedicated environment means a family celebration in a private dining room is a next level reunion!

A Private Dining Room is ideal for a 40th, 50th (or even beyond!) birthday

If it’s a milestone occasion it’s important to mark the date in style! When you’ve an intimate, smaller group that doesn’t warrant a full-scale event space a private dining room is the ideal destination! If you’re a host arranging a surprise birthday party a private dining room is a great place to do so. A private dining room brings formality and a true sense of refined party – just what a ‘big birthday’ demands.

A Private Dining Room is impressive for the work team celebration

A special occasion for the work team can be a tricky night out to plan! You want the team to know you appreciate their efforts and that you wish to acknowledge their success. Perhaps you’d even like to make a speech or have a raucous toast? This is not easily done in a busy restaurant. If you’d like the night to have a more celebratory reward feel than just another restaurant meal – a private dining room is the answer! When the team is small and you’d like to really let your hair down in style a private dining room is the perfect choice.

To ensure all diners receive an outstanding experience at Rawsons Restaurant groups of 10 or more can access the Group Menu, which is specifically crafted to deliver both amazing food and an exceptional customer service experience. If you’re thinking of bringing a group to Rawsons please ring and enquire on the availability of the two private dining spaces. We look forward to welcoming you to Rawsons very soon!