Dry Aging at Rawsons Restaurant

If you have been in Rawsons, you’ll no doubt have seen the dry age meat cabinet display. Many of our guests ask questions about this process and it’s benefits so let’s explore why we do this!

Introducing dry aging

Executive Chef Nick Whitehouse explains, ‘Dry aging selected cuts of meat make them more tender and enhances the product’s own natural flavour. This results in steaks that are succulent, aromatic and full-flavoured…’

How does dry ageing work? 

Let’s start at the beginning. Every week our Chef chooses the very best cuts available from Kilcoy Estate. These are then cut by hand and moved into the dry age meat cabinet. The meat will be aged for up to 28 days during which time the process slowly breaks down the muscle proteins and increases the tenderness of the cut.

After ageing all our meat is prepared for the plate with the respect it deserves ensuring that you receive the most succulent cut possible with unique and satisfying depth of flavour.